Worlds first foldable handcart...

ulfBo classic

Worlds first foldable handcart - continuously improved since 2001

The "ulfBo" (= ultra-light, foldable Bollerwagon) was the first foldable handcart in the world.

And still, this special handcart sets standards: lighter, more robust, extremely off-road capable, and made from high-quality materials through painstaking craftsmanship in Germany.

The ulfBo also offers many functional advantages:
The low sides allow children to get in and out by themselves, and the low center of gravity ensures high safety and tipping stability. Children love to pull each other and play with the ulfBo - thanks to the easy handling. With the convertible cover, the ulfBo transforms into a really cozy cave that children hardly want to leave.

  • Sustainable, unique design
  • Extremely light (approx. 11 kg) & compactly foldable
  • Parking brake to prevent the trolley from rolling away unintentionally
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with high-quality powder coating (solvent-free)
  • Pollutant-free, detachable wheels of the best PAH category - our wheels do not stink!
  • Convertible roof with especially high-quality awning fabric for protection against UV radiation & rain
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric from market leader CORDURA
  • Spare parts available (sustainability)

Thanks to this outstanding design, the ulfBo is not only suitable for trips in the city but also in nature, e.g. to the beach or through the woods.

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