ulfBo Comfort

ulfBo - foldable handcart Comfort
Durable CORDURA nylon in the colors blue, red, may green, black, dark brown and orange. Sturdy aluminum frame with ingenious folding system - self-locking joints without danger of jamming - abrasion and tear-resistant CORDURA fabric; waterproof, coated floor panels made of multi-ply wood. The trolley for every use with extra large, beachworthy pneumatic tires for the highest level of ride comfort.
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Including ulfBo cushion set for more comfort. Cushion pillows are available in five selectable colors. The custom-made upholstered cushions are made of high-quality dralon fabric with a foam core and anti-slip material on the underside of the seat. In no time, the cushions make a perfectly fitting lying surface over the entire floor!

Select your individual color combination. The photos show examples!

We grant 2 years warranty from the date of purchase on the trolley - please note our warranty notice.

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